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Introducing Hāpai Mama

A nine week program for young expecting mothers. Hāpai Mama incorporates Kaupapa Māori Antenatal along with parenting in the first 30 day’s plus birthing centre visits and more.

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We want to see less kids needing foster care

Foster kids are great kids, a pleasure and privilege to have in your home. They are just victims of family environments that have deep-seated needs. Victims of a care system which exists for their best interests, but really, most would rather be with their parents. That’s our aim, to have less kids in the Bay of Plenty needing foster care.

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She seemed too young to have her own baby, being just a child herself. She spent the first few days either in her room or the spare lounge watching movies. We were not sure if it was the shock of just being up-lifted again, or to protect herself from us, the fourth foster family she’d been sent to in just a few years.

As she opened up to us we discovered a bright hopeful young lady who filled our home with joy. She was not unruly or badly behaved in any way but certainly too young to be a mother and too human to have experienced what led to her being up-lifted. Read more…

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