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Mike & Julie Edwards

Mike & Julie Edwards have 6 children and have fostered over 40 others. They are passionate about family, in every shape it takes, and want to see less kids in the BOP go into foster care.

A community of tamariki who wake up with hope. Real change in a vast multitude of whanau that creates a groundswell of Tūmanako across the community.
This is a community action – so we work in community. Dysfunction is well fed – So we partner to feed well-being. Healing happens in family – So we connect family to families.
We believe in Jesus – So we demonstrate his love. We believe in families – so we work with family units. We believe in a brighter future – we focus on hope and possibility. We believe in transformation – so we adopt a holistic approach

Waikamania Thompson

Kia ora

Ko Huruiki te Maunga
Ko Mokau te Awa
Ko Te Uri o Hiki Hiki te Hapu
Ko Te Whenuaroa te Waka
Ko Ngati Wai te iwi
Ko Waikamania Thompson toku Ingoa

Program Manager – Hāpai Mama

My Name is Waikamania and as mentioned above I am from Whangaruru a small, rural beautiful place in the Far North. My Partner Wharera and I have two sons Waipihangarangi 4yrs old, Taakarihi 1yr old and we are expecting baby boy number 3 in September.

This Hapai mama program came from an idea a few years ago as a young mama myself experiencing a million things for the first time.  My passion to learn about becoming a mother and the Traditions of our Tupuna (ancestors) quickly turned into a passion to want to share with every mama to be.