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You may not feel like it or believe it, but if you are a parent you are a leader, and you have mana. You are leaders – rangatira.

Rangatira – to be of high rank, become of high rank, ennobled, rich, well off, noble, esteemed, revered.

There is the mana you are born with, from your tūpuna, your ancestors, and you gain mana through what you do with your life. Mana is your dignity and authority. You can develop and strengthen it through what you do in life.

Some of you think that you will not come to much, that you are not important, but that is all about to change. When you become a parent, you become a leader that gets to change what your community looks like in the future.

You are not there just to change nappies and feed hungry mouths, you get to build rangatira – fantastic young men and women who will one day become parents and leaders themselves.

Some of us may have had a bad relationship with our parents, and you often hear it said that “the teen years are horrible”. But the good news is that whilst having a teenager can be hard, it doesn’t have to be horrible. In fact you can have a wonderful relationship with your teen.

One of the most empowering acts of tīno rangatiratanga – self-determination, is to change how it is in your family, you actually get to choose how it is for you.

Your teen won’t be perfect, but you can parent your tamariki so that when they become a young man or women, you get to enjoy a great relationship with them. A relationship of mutual trust and respect.

On of our main aims should be to become a parent that your tamariki can count on and lean on and where the Aroha of the family creates a place of peace.

Getting to that point is a journey, and it starts with pēpi.

So what do you want to do differently? What kind of relationship do you want with your teen? How could you make a change today?

Need some help making a change; Contact us.

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