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Why did we have kids…to be miserable? No, we had kids because we dreamt it would add so much happiness to our lives, and it does. But sometimes it just gets hard and well… simply to serious. In-fact, sometimes our seriousness can even be toxic, feeding an unhappy family environment. So this blog is just a quick reminder to have more fun.

I was reminded of this on a recent family holiday. It had actually been way too long since our last family break away and a long time since we had played intensively with each other as a family unit.

The place where we stayed allowed for a lot of free fun things, like riding bikes, tramping, swimming, mini-putt, and pool. Early on we started a mini-putt competition each night with a Burger King Crown up for grabs to the winner. It was a super fun way to finish each day and we all couldn’t wait to play.

We found the BK Crown just lying on the ground and we just instinctively thought we should compete for it each night.

It reminded me how simple it is to have fun together and how important it is to have fun as a family.

Many studies show why laughter deserves to be known as “the best medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). It releases an instant flood of feel-good chemicals that boost the immune system. Almost instantly, it reduces levels of stress hormones. A really good belly laugh can make cortisol drop by 39%, adrenalin by 70% and the “feel-good hormone,” endorphin, increase by 29%. It can even make growth hormones skyrocket by 87%! Other research shows how laughter boosts your immune system by increasing levels of immunity and disease fighting cells.

Just look at some of the myriad of benefits of having fun; humor gets both sides of your brain working together, which is one of the keys to releasing potential. Some studies even suggest that laughter helps to increase the flexibility of thought and is as effective as aerobic exercise in boosting health in body and mind.

Playing together with your kids makes them happier, but it makes us adults happier too. It’s also a top way to build up love in the home.

It doesn’t require alot of money, it can be as simple as picking up a pack of cards, a bat and ball, pitching the tent on the lawn, or star spotting from the trampoline.

What the BK Crown reminded me is that parenting is so much better when you have fun!

We’ve brought that Crown home from holiday…we are now looking for a new competition we can play for it. Any ideas?

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