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Build a great family team

Positive – Practical – Fun


Building Awesome Whānau is part of The Parenting Place’s toolbox family. It is a six-session course that provides positive, practical and fun parenting advice and learning.

Drawing on the wisdom of Maori ways of being, doing and knowing Building Awesome Whānau is a resource that reflects this remarkable country of ours, and in doing so, serves all of its people. Some familiar faces ensure the course is packed full of great ideas, positive stories from parents still on the journey with their own tamariki and practical ideas to help you.

What’s covered in the six sessions?
Session 1 – Laying the foundations – building your family on aroha
Session 2 – Parents are the roof! Protecting your whanau
Session 3 – The walls of the whare – boundaries to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out
Session 4 – Keeping it sweet – atmosphere is everything!
Session 5 – Cool korero! Communication
Session 6 – Outside the whare – Living in the big wide world

Course Costs – $30 per person. Can be paid on the first night, or 5.00 per person per night.